Mathematica‘s Undo & Redo — How Useless?

Let’s face it — we like Mathematica for so many reasons, whether it is the symbolic computation, creating nicely formatted dynamic documents or the extensive documentation center. It has developed to such a powerful tool over the past years that it became indispensable in a lot of research areas. But as much as we like it and find it a very useful tool it might as well drive us crazy — every now and then, when we get stuck in the dead end street of “Undo” in Mathematica.

It is almost striking that although Mathematica is such a developed program, it offers only one level of Undo. We all know it — we compute something, want to try different parameter choices or whatsoever, so we change the same line a few times. But then, if we want to go back several steps — we simply can’t. Even worse, the one level of Undo is not very well developed and it is not accompanied by one level of Redo — there is just no Redo action at all.

Now, each time a new version of Mathematica is released, I’m so certain that they’d have fixed this, but no. Mathematica 9 is out now and that’s what the documentation center says about Undo:

We want the Wolfram developers to know, that we want to be treated like big boys and girls who are totally capable of handling several levels of Undo & Redo.

We want the number of Undo & Redo steps to be an option to choose in the Mathematica setup (like what Photoshop offers).

Sign now! Petition closed. Undo is now available!

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